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ecig6Much has been said and written about electronic cigarettes. But what exactly are electronic cigarettes? Well, an E-cigarette is basically a device that comprises three pieces: an atomizer, a battery and a cartridge. The battery serves to feed the atomizer with energy in order to convert the contained liquid into mist. Basically, this one feature that differentiates it from regular cigarettes: instead of inhaling smoke, you inhale the mist. Most people have the opinion that these cigarettes offer lots of benefits compared to conventional cigarettes. This is mainly due to the fact that these cigarettes are less expensive and do not result to health problems unlike the traditional cigarettes. Due to this, more people are shifting to E-cigarettes in an effort to save both on money and their health. Currently, there are several brands of electronic cigarettes that you can select from. But how exactly do you go about choosing the best Electronic cigarette from the available brands?

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Choosing the best Electronic cigarette

In making the best selection, several factors need to be put into consideration. These include the price, battery life, life span of the cartridge and the flavor.


Cheap ones may seem the most convenient ones, however they do not last very long in the event of heating and cooling it more often. The expensive ones on the other hand have a longer life span meaning that they do not require costing much regular replacements compared to the less expensive ones. The frequent replacements that you will have to experience with the cheap ones normally lead to build up of costs which eventually turns out to be more costly. Apart from lasting longer, they are also durable in the event that one drops them. So, to stay on a safe side you should opt for the expensive ones.

Battery life

Battery life is really important since you do not want to always carry an electronic cigarette around only to find out that you can’t smoke due to a low battery. In the best E-cigarette reviews, most of the common setbacks are related to battery problems. Besides choosing ones with a longer battery life, you might also want to consider those with longer warranty.

Cartridge replacement

The real worth of an E-cigarette is depicted in replacement of cartridges. In your choice, you should always consider the life span of the cartridge since you may spending more buying cheap cartridges rather than quality ones which lasts five times much longer.


When it comes to quality, there are several factors that you may need to put into consideration. One of the things that you need to put into consideration is the supplier’s reputation and also the brand. This can be achieved by conducting some research online regarding the available suppliers and brands that offer the best quality E-cigarettes. Also, you need to put into consideration the product’s warranty so as to decide which the perfect one for you is. You need to keep in mind that most companies offer lifetime warranties, though a 90-day warranty is normally the minimum.


Another factor to keep in mind is the flavor of the electronic cigarettes. The valuable thing with flavor is that it doesn’t leave a nasty taste in your mouth and also it refreshes your breath. This feature makes then ideal for dental hygiene. However, fancy flavors are sometimes not a very big deal as they can, in most cases, distract one from obtaining the best selection.

Benefits of electronic cigarettes

Now that you have a hint on how to select best Electronic cigarettes, what exactly are the benefits of using electronic cigarettes over the conventional ones? Well, some of the benefits associated with the use of electronic cigarettes are as follows:

Health benefits

One of the main advantages with electronic cigarettes is the fact that they help you get nicotine without being subjected to tar and other hazardous inhalants. When smoking an E-cigarette, you don’t have to tolerate the many side effects associated with the inhalation of carbon monoxide. These cigs offer you a burst of nicotine that is completely sufficient and beneficial to your health. This can be obtained without the need of ingesting tar, a substance which can result to mouth cancer. Though the nicotine contained is highly addictive, it is much better than carbon monoxide and tar.

Prevents need for frequent smoking

In case you have a pack of cigarettes, you may be tempted to keep on pulling them out. There is a high probability that you may end up smoking the entire packet even though you didn’t plan on doing so. This is normally a major psychological problem that is associated with conventional cigarette packaging. With traditional cigarettes, it is always just not enough to just have a single puff and put the cig down. However, with E- cigarettes, you can easily stop whenever you feel like you’ve had enough. Less smoking is always better for your health, and E-cigarettes allows for that possibility.

Less costly

With electronic cigarettes, you won’t have to worry yourself too much regarding the frequent costs of purchasing new cigs. Individuals who have made a shift to e-cigarettes have tremendously benefited from not having to purchase new packets all the time. Even though there are certain costs associated with smoking E-cigarettes, you’ll easily save much money over the course of a year when you select this option. Actually, it can help your wallet whenever you need help the most.


Since the main thing you inhale is a vapor, with no actual smokes, you can even use E- cigarette in places that prohibits regular smoking, such as in restaurants. So, you don’t need to worry so much regarding the effect of your smoking to those around you.

Choice for best electronic cigarette may prove a daunting task. However, the above mentioned criteria may help you in making the right selection. These cigarettes come with many benefits when compared with the conventional ones. So, in case you are experiencing a hard time in containing your smoking habits, or maintaining a cleaner and healthier experience, then try E-cigarettes and experience all that flavor without the dirt.